Reading in Bed Year in Review #1: Literary Crushes

I’ve been working away at a Year in Review mega-post for a while now, but realized if I wait to finish the whole thing, it’ll probably never get posted. So I’m posting it in pieces. Here’s a fun one to start with. Literary crushes: Not just for Twilight Moms.

This is also probably a good place to announce that I won a Bare it For Books calendar. So this list might grow after I receive it!

Author Crushes
1. Michael Ondaatje,
which I already embarrassed myself about here. Let’s just revisit this classic pic, and please do check out the source, the Can Lit is Sexy tumblr.

Michael Ondaatje Play Doctor

Via which you should all visit immediately

2. Anton Chekhov. I was looking at some Wikipedia page about Russian authors, probably trying to determine if there were any women writing in the 1800s (seems not) when something caught my eye. It was Anton with his excellent hair and bone structure, and let’s just ignore the beard. If Bangable Dudes in History was still updating, I would submit this in a second.

via wikipedia

via wikipedia

3. Joseph Boyden. The lovely folks at Penguin Canada are sending me a copy of The Orenda so I can finally join in the award-snub outrage! In the meantime, check out Joseph’s holiday message for the Penguin Delights campaign – great smile, no pants, yes please:


Character Crushes

1. David Slaney from Lisa Moore’s Caught. David is one of those people who can seduce you by walking into a room. There’s a memorable scene where he is hiding from the police in a bride’s hotel room. She’s minutes away from walking down the aisle, and while they don’t, they come so close… dang.  In my head, David looks like James McAvoy circa The Last King of Scotland:



2. Jimmy from Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake. The secret’s out: Part of the reason I love O&C so much, and wasn’t as into the other Maddaddam books, is that I have a massive crush on Jimmy. Unlike David, who could have anyone, Jimmy only preys on vulnerable women. He’s got a massive inferiority complex. Mommy issues abound.  He’s awful, actually. I’m not sure what this says about me. If I were casting Jimmy, I’d go with 12 Monkeys era Brad Pitt. You know, a little dirty, a little crazy.



So, fess up: Who were your literary crushes this year?



  1. Rick @

    Seems like I can’t not talk about this book right now … literary crush of 2013 was totally Lin Shan from River of Stars, who I always pictured as Koyuki (of Last Samurai fame).

    Your Jimmy love is funny. I remember you saying that he reminded you of a bunch of guys you would crush on as a teenager. Funny how these things never seem to go away, eh?

    How many Review posts do you think you’ll write? (love the idea!)

  2. lauratfrey

    Other ones one the go include favourite sentence, favourite short story, favourite non-bookish stuff (like web sites I go to that AREN’T book blogs, etc) books I want for Christmas, and of course, my top 5 or 10 reads of 2013, or however many it ends up being!

  3. naomi88

    I love this idea for a post! I’m with you on Joseph Boyden and David Slaney. I could add George Mallory from Above All Things (although he was more handsome in my head than some of the photos of him on google), Treadway from Annabel (not sure why), and possibly Daniel Addison from The Best Laid Plans (I liked that he could make fun of himself).

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  5. Kristilyn

    OK, I really need to get a copy of The Orenda. I remember Rick raving about it, so a read is necessary!

    And gosh, I love that picture of Michael Ondaatje! Perfect! I think I might have to work in either The English Patient or Coming Through Slaughter next year … both have been sitting neglected on my shelf FOREVER.

    One of my author crushes will ALWAYS remain to be Neil Gaiman. He just looks like the rock star of authors. I think it’s the hair. LOVE the hair.

  6. ebookclassics

    How can I not know about CanLit is Sexy? I love this post! I haven’t even read the books but you made your character crushes sound hot. Any girl crushes?

  7. Andrew

    I’ve probably said it often enough on Twitter that you get the point, but I’m straight-up in literary-love with Sarah Nicole Prickett. That woman is a genius, even when she’s being an asshole.

    • lauratfrey

      Yes, I gathered that 🙂 I concur, I find her maddening sometimes but I love reading it all the same. I almost had to leave work early AGAIN after reading her piece on rape – I definitely hyperventilated for a few minutes. I almost posted it on FB but then didn’t because I didn’t think I could handle discussing it with people I know in real life… yet she can handle writing it, and writing stuff like it, all the time… crazy.

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