Twitter Profile 2017

Twitter bio circa 2017

Whose bed am I reading in, anyway?
I’m Laura, a market researcher by day and a reader and a writer all the time.

What kind of stuff do you read?
Check the tagline: Classics, CanLit, and everything else. 

What kind of stuff do you blog about?
Well, books, but I don’t do many straight-up book reviews. I like to write about literary culture (i.e. make dumb Franzen jokes) and I love a good read-along.

Twitter: @LauraTFrey
YouTube: Laura Frey
Goodreads: Laura Frey (Reading in Bed)
Instagram: LauraTFrey
Email: lauratfrey@gmail.com

Review Policy: Not accepting review books at this time. I mean, if you send something, I won’t throw it in the trash, but, you know.

Twitter bio

Twitter bio circa 2013-2014



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    • lauratfrey

      Thank you! I’m terrible at these awards, but I’ll check it out. Your blog looks interesting too. I always wanted to learn French (beyond what I took in high school)

  2. wantonwordflirt

    Nice to come across a fellow Albertan blogger! Enjoying what I have read on your blog so far, will definitely be back for more. If you get the chance, stop by my blog. I am new to it, and need to do some reorganizing but I am just glad to find the time to do it at all……life is busy!

  3. Mary Higgins

    hey look, your mom finally made it to the blog page – and of course, as your mom, I am super impressed – but I would be even if I weren’t !!!!

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  5. BookerTalk

    hi Laura I see you started following my blog today. Thanks for that – I’m looking forward to getting to know you even if its virtual. I’m similarly flabbergasted to find I’ve read so few of the 1001 books…

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