2014 Year in Review #1: The Stats

Are we sick of year in review posts yet? No? I really enjoyed doing multiple, detailed posts last year, but Bookstravaganza took up most of my December so I’m gonna keep things simple this time round. Stats today, best and worst books tomorrow. And maybe top literary crushes (okay, definitely top literary crushes!)

Books Readwpid-20140530_135813.jpg

  • Books read in 2014: 64 (up from 52 last year)

I thought I might hit 75 this year, but it was not to be. Without the Novellas in November and Bookstravaganza boosts, I would have ended up around 52, just like last year. I can live with that!

About the Author

  • 58% female (down from 67% last year)
  • 19% person of colour (up from 12% last year)
  • 55% Canadian (up from 42% last year) 22% American  16% British and 1 each: Argentinian, French, Irish, Russian, Guadeloupean. 
  • Only two Edmonton-area authors this year.

I put a bit of effort into reading more authors of colour this year, and I guess nearly 20% is alright – it’s tough to know, honestly. With gender I’m going for parity, but what’s parity with race? 20% is pretty representative of our population here in Edmonton, but if you expand to Canada, or North America, or world wide, your target would be very different. So my goal with regards to authors of colour next year is to review more of them. That’s where my power as a blogger lies. Some of the best books I read this year were by authors of colour, and I didn’t review them. More on THAT tomorrow.

Genres and Lists

  • 19% classics (down from 35%), 53% contemporary lit fic (up from 48%), 9% non fiction (up from 6%), and a handful of YA, poetry, erotica, romance, and historical fiction.
  • 8 1001 Books for a total of 123 read
  • I’m kind of defunct on The Classics Club. I erased my list because it wasn’t speaking to me anymore. The idea, though, was to read 50 classics in five years, and I read 12 classics this year, so I’m on track.


  • 13% were rated five stars (down from 19%), 45% were four stars, 30% were three stars, 13% were two stars, and thankfully, I did not read a single one-star book this year because I decided not to continue with the Fifty Shades trilogy. I will totally see the movie though. For research! And stuff.

Compared to the average Goodreads rating…

  • I rated 27 books higher. The most underrated book was Villette, which I rated a 5, compared to average 3.72 rating. How dare you, people who rated this book less than a 5! It’s perfection!
  • I rated 37 books lower. The most overrated book was Me Before You, which I rated a 2, compared to average 4.31 rating. Apologies to Kristilyn and Brie, who are probably not my friends anymore.

Blog Stats


Stay tuned for more 2014 year in review, hopefully before it becomes ridiculously late in the current year!



  1. rivercityreading

    I really like the idea of planning to review more of the books you read by authors of color. I know that I don’t have time or space to review all the books I read, so choosing to devote more of that to authors that may not get as much press sounds like a good goal.

    • lauratfrey

      Yeah, we always talk about *buying* more books but as reviewers/bloggers, I think what we choose to talk about is even more important. I also know that I chose NOT to review some books that specifically addressed race because I felt unqualified to talk about it… I need to get over that. I can still review the book without being an expert on every subject within it. I certainly don’t hold myself to that standard with other subjects or social issues!

  2. Naomi

    Never sick of the year-end posts!
    I like that you compare this year’s stats with last year’s.
    And, I would love to see a list of your 5 star books!
    I have been anticipating your literary crush post, but am having trouble coming up with crushes this year. I will try to come up with something before your post!

    • lauratfrey

      Oh yeah, I will post that… I mean, you could also look at Goodreads 🙂 I’m still not sure what my #1 read was though. It might have to be a #1 classic, #1 contemporary situation.

      • Naomi

        Picking just one (or even 10) is so hard! Which is why my favourites post ended up being so long. I really have to be more decisive in the future. 🙂
        Ha! I never even thought of looking at Goodreads. I keep track of the books I’ve read there, but that’s about it. But, I think I will go check it out!

  3. Geoff W

    Your blog your posts! I like that you have something you keep doing regardless of views. I’ve never really looked at individual posts to see what the worst views were – I’m sure it’s some of the “trashy” fiction I like to read on occasion 😀

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