Moby Dick Read-A-Long: One Week Warning

Moby Dick Read-A-Long

One week till we set out to sea…

Here’s the sign-up post. Just leave me a comment and you’re entered to win a sweet Moby Dick t-shirt. You should probably also, like, read the book and participate in the Read-A-Long. Check that sign up post for details.

I’m planning an introductory post for next Monday to kick things off. Maybe you want to do one too. I’m going to write about:

  • What I know about Moby Dick before I start reading
  • What I’m looking forward to, and what I’m scared of
  • Thoughts about long/hard books in general

You can write about whatever you want. Maybe you have a really cool edition of the book? You’ve tried to read it before but didn’t make it? I’d love to hear about it!

Has anyone started reading yet? I have. I was between books, and I can’t start anything contemporary due to a massive book hangover (Frances and Bernard. READ IT.) and I don’t want to start any other classics, so, I’m getting a head start.

I leave you with 15-month old Henry, looking quite amazed as he reads his Babylit edition of Moby Dick (their website is wonky right now, so linking to their Facebook page.)

BabyLit Moby Dick

Book snob in the making


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