Classics Club May Meme

The Classics Club

I haven’t been answering the monthly questions (like, it’s a question, not a meme, right? Do I not understand what a meme is?) because while I like reading lists of top ten this, or favourite that, I’m not great at writing them. This month is pretty straightforward so I’ll give it a go:

Tell us about the classic book(s) you’re reading this month. You can post about what you’re looking forward to reading in May, or post thoughts-in-progress on your current read(s).

Rather than talk about Moby Dick, which is my next classic read, I want to rant a bit about The Turn of the Screw. I thought it would be the perfect quick read before I start a massive read. 100ish pages, author I love, gothic, yes please. I loved Portrait of a Lady. LOVED. Got angry when I watched the film adaptation because it WASN’T PERFECT LIKE THE BOOK. Anyway.

I found The Turn of the Screw so difficult to get into! I kept falling asleep while I was reading (yes, I was reading in bed, but still,) and I just didn’t get creeped out like I thought I would. The prose was just so thick. It was tough slogging with no payoff.

And just like with North and South, the free Kobo edition was quirky… lots of words were in ALL CAPS which didn’t feel right… I felt like I was reading Kayne West’s Twitter stream.  I’m looking at another edition online and it doesn’t have any words in all caps. What the hell? I’m gonna have to start shelling out $0.99 for these classics.


Classics Club and Kanye in one post. Yes.

It picked up a little at the end, say the last 20 pages or so, but I was already checked out by then.

Have you ever been disappointed by an author you love?



  1. Too Fond

    “I felt like I was reading Kayne West’s Twitter stream”. LOL! (and yes, I have to all caps that one, because I really did.) 🙂

    I read The Turn of the Screw in college and remember finding it deadly boring and not appreciating the writing style at all, so much so that I’ve never touched a Henry James novel since. Obviously I may need to correct that, if Portrait of a Lady is as good as you say. Sorry this one was a disappointment to you.

    I have been disappointed by favorite authors, which is why I tend to love individual books more than than an author’s work in general.

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