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Secret Santa… With a Twist

Check out Another Book Blog for the low-down on this book blogger edition of Secret Santa.

Unlike Rick, I’ve participated in many Secret Santas over the years, with varied results. But you can’t really go wrong with an all-book edition. This one is a little different in that we’re not buying anything, just suggesting (strongly) that another blogger read a particular book, and then do a guest blog post about it. Here’s who is participating:

Here’s the lucky blogger who gets a personalized book recommendation from moi:

Heather from Between the Covers!

When I drew Heather’s name, I started panicking. She’s read everything. She’s not bound by genre or location or style. She reads classic and contemporary. And she reads at an astonishing pace. Creeping her Goodreads page, I estimate she reads anywhere from ten to TWENTY FIVE books per month. So how the heck am I going to recommend something she a) hasn’t already read, b) wasn’t going to read anyway, and c) will actually enjoy?

Rick and I were joking about making Heather read Fifty Shades of Grey because I’m pretty sure she hasn’t read that one yet. But I decided not to be cruel. THEN I thought maybe I’d have her read something a little risque, but classic, like Tropic of Cancer, but decided I don’t know her well enough to make her read the “C word” that many times. Finally, I settled on something totally unrelated to all that: Continue reading