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What the hell is a Liebster Award?


The Liebster Award is making the rounds. I got nominated for one years ago, and ignored it because it read like some kind of chain letter, and well, it is, but the questions going around these days are much better. I’m old enough to have received chain letters via email and *actual mail.* You know, the ones full of promises of death and dismemberment if you didn’t reply within seven days. The Liebster does not ask about the last person you kissed OR threaten you with death, so it’s already an improvement.

I am nominated by Tania of Write Reads. Thank you Tania! Check out her award post here.

Before I get started though, I have a question…

What the hell is a Liebster?
Apparently NOT a guy named Lieb who insists on being called The Liebster, which is what I always pictured. The Liebster is tough to pin down. If infiltrates a group of bloggers for a while; you feel like your whole feed is Liebster posts. And then it’s gone. Who started it? Is it a book blog-specific thing? Why do the rules vary (it’s supposedly for blogs with “few” followers, and I’ve seen that defined as under 200, 300, 500 and 1000?)

Book blogger Sopphey Says traced it back about as far as you can go, to a German book blog circa 2010. (Her Google-translated bio describes her as a “book rat” which is something we should make happen in English.)

The most surprising thing I learned is that Liebster is not someone’s name, it is German for “darling.” Isn’t that cute? We are all darlings!

Anyway, this is a chain letter, so let’s get down to business:

The Rules

  • State 11 random facts about yourself
  • Answer 11 questions about yourself that were given to you by your nominator
  • Nominate people yourself
  • Give your nominees 11 questions to answer

11 Facts About Me

  1. I have two children with a combined birth weight of over 23 pounds. I have learned a few things since birthing freakishly large children: that the medical term for “big ass baby” is macrosomia, that 13 lbs will get you media attention, but 12 lbs will only make you a side-show for the hospital staff (and no one bats an eye at 11 lbs) and to never spend money on newborn-sized clothes.
  2. The first time I met someone off the internet I was 14 and it was 1994 and what were my parents thinking? Yes, I was in to BBS…and yes, the person I met turned out to be a 14 year old as well and not a 50 year old pedophile, which was basically good luck.
  3. I met my husband on Lavalife ten years ago. This was waaayyy less socially acceptable back then.
  4. I’ve only had two jobs since graduating University. Seems odd these days. As Samir says in Office Space, “it would be nice, to have that kind of job security.”
  5. I haven’t been on a bike in almost 20 years because last time I was on one, I was hit by a van. I wasn’t wearing a helmet and took the impact on my left eyebrow… which fell out from the trauma. And the doctor told me if might not grow back (it did.) I was pretty much unharmed otherwise. I remember being a lot more concerned about my eyebrow, and about the illicit items in my pocket that I hoped the doctors wouldn’t confiscate (I was 15!) than the fact that I could have died.
  6. I worked in a haunted castle. We also had glow in the dark golf and go karts. I was a mall carny 😦
  7. I was bullied in junior high. I wonder what the incidence of being bullied is among book bloggers? I’m gonna go with “high.” I was a target for a number of reasons and reading books was a big one.
  8. I haven’t watched TV in over a year. Let me clarify: I haven’t watched TV *for myself.* I am well versed in the worlds of Umi Zoomi, TMNT, and Tinkerbell. Notable exceptions: Pride and Prejudice, Olympics, Blade Runner (for a blog post!)
  9. I don’t want anything for Mother’s Day. Or any holiday. My husband and I stopped buying each other presents for birthdays, anniversaries, everything, a couple of years ago. Terribly unromantic, but I love not having the pressure.
  10. I live three blocks from where I grew up. I realize this is unremarkable is you live in a small town, but I don’t, and never intended to come back here. I am totally that person that walks by the old house and tries to look in the window.
  11. I’m participating in my second Slutwalk this year. I’m pretty open about being a feminist and this is the issue that is most polarizing between me and people I know in real life. Bottom line: I’m raising boys and I want them to learn not to rape; rather than learn that girls need to do X Y and Z to avoid being raped.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Confessions


Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. I am inspired by Eat Books and the many others who participated today. I’m going to try to slip under the wire here, as there are only about 30 mins left of Tuesday!

1. I used to steal my mom’s Harlequin Romances and secretly read them. I was so scandalized! I’m glad 50 Shades wasn’t around in the 90s.

2. I don’t have much attachment to my books. I mostly read library books, but even the ones that I do own, I wouldn’t care if someone borrowed and didn’t return, or spilled something. I feel like the words are still “out there,” so the physical copy that I own doesn’t matter too much.

3. I am HARD on my books. I put glasses of water on top of them. I break bindings. I fold pages. They fall down the side of my bed and get squished. This sort of goes hand in hand with #2.

4. I’ve never listened to an audio book.

5. I resist reading anything that’s too popular (see my post Book Snob.) Sometimes I break down and enjoy myself (The Help) and sometimes want to poke my eyes out (The DaVinci Code.)

6. I read in the bathroom. I have a drawer that always has a few books. Growing up, we always had books of quotations in our bathroom, and so did my grandparents. I kind of want to buy one for this purpose, even though those books must be pretty archaic, as I gather everyone gets their inspirational quotes from Pintrest these days.

7. I didn’t read for six months after my first son was born. I think it was a symptom of postpartum depression. Thinking back, I have no idea how I didn’t read for that long.

8. I judge people who don’t read. I’m sure this surprises no one.

9. My husband was a non-reader for a long time. He’s set a goal of a book per month this year, but he’s reading mostly non-fiction. I do not get how anyone can no read fiction. Gah!!

10. I’m reading about ten pages per day, due to wild children and sleep deprivation. It kills me, because it’s really hard to keep a story straight at this pace, but it’s what I can do for now. I cannot wait until I can read like a normal person again.

Okay, this was far too easy. I could probably write 10 more. Anyone else want to share?