Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Confessions


Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. I am inspired by Eat Books and the many others who participated today. I’m going to try to slip under the wire here, as there are only about 30 mins left of Tuesday!

1. I used to steal my mom’s Harlequin Romances and secretly read them. I was so scandalized! I’m glad 50 Shades wasn’t around in the 90s.

2. I don’t have much attachment to my books. I mostly read library books, but even the ones that I do own, I wouldn’t care if someone borrowed and didn’t return, or spilled something. I feel like the words are still “out there,” so the physical copy that I own doesn’t matter too much.

3. I am HARD on my books. I put glasses of water on top of them. I break bindings. I fold pages. They fall down the side of my bed and get squished. This sort of goes hand in hand with #2.

4. I’ve never listened to an audio book.

5. I resist reading anything that’s too popular (see my post Book Snob.) Sometimes I break down and enjoy myself (The Help) and sometimes want to poke my eyes out (The DaVinci Code.)

6. I read in the bathroom. I have a drawer that always has a few books. Growing up, we always had books of quotations in our bathroom, and so did my grandparents. I kind of want to buy one for this purpose, even though those books must be pretty archaic, as I gather everyone gets their inspirational quotes from Pintrest these days.

7. I didn’t read for six months after my first son was born. I think it was a symptom of postpartum depression. Thinking back, I have no idea how I didn’t read for that long.

8. I judge people who don’t read. I’m sure this surprises no one.

9. My husband was a non-reader for a long time. He’s set a goal of a book per month this year, but he’s reading mostly non-fiction. I do not get how anyone can no read fiction. Gah!!

10. I’m reading about ten pages per day, due to wild children and sleep deprivation. It kills me, because it’s really hard to keep a story straight at this pace, but it’s what I can do for now. I cannot wait until I can read like a normal person again.

Okay, this was far too easy. I could probably write 10 more. Anyone else want to share?



  1. Kristilyn (@ReadingInWinter)

    Hmm … so I should never lend you a book — is that what you’re saying? *holds all of her beautiful, unmarred books close*

    I like audiobooks … they help me get things done around the house! Though sometimes enough is enough and I listen to music instead. I figure time with an audiobook is time where I probably wouldn’t be reading anyway, so it’s a win-win situation.

    My hubs isn’t a reader … sometimes it bothers me, but most of the time I’m okay with it. I doubt he’d be reading what I read ANYWAY, so we wouldn’t be able to talk about the books together.

    • lauratfrey

      No, do not lend me any books! I will probably read it in the bathroom too 🙂

      I wonder how many of us started blogs because our spouses are useless for bookish conversations? (raises hand)

  2. Rick MacDonnell

    Kristilyn, have you listened to many non-fiction audiobooks? I wonder if they work better. I find with fiction, you’ll zone out and snap back into things 5 minutes later. I think these lapses would be less disastrous with a non-fiction title.

  3. Leanne Yang

    I’m so OCD over my books… just a slight tear will have me worrying.

    I haven’t listened to an audiobook either.. I just find it hard to concentrate on listening and do other things at the same time..

  4. sarah

    I hardly ever read fiction. Reading to me (these days) is a way of learning more about subjects. There’s only so much I can learn from Blue’s Clue’s and Sesame Street anymore and I don’t get much adult conversation.

  5. Alexis

    I read both fiction and non-fiction. This year, I was more into non-fiction, for some reason.
    1. I read over 150 books a year. Last year, I read 196.
    2. I am a writer and I have met, attended readings and taken classes from a number of authors. I will not lend signed copies to anyone.
    3. I like audiobooks, but don’t listen to them because I can read faster than they can talk. I listened to them a lot when I worked full-time at a newspaper and had to stare at a screen all day. My eyes hurt a lot, and audiobooks helped.
    4. I mostly read library books too, and will generally only buy books once I’ve already read them.
    5. When I am severely depressed, I loose the ability to read. When my ability comes, I can generally only read non-fiction first, because these are less upsetting to me for some reason. This happened to me when I went through a really bad breakup back in 2006.
    6. Every year at Christmas, I make myself read a classic book. I started a few years ago. So far, I’ve read The Woman in White, Vanity Fair and Anna Karenina.

    • lauratfrey

      Great list! I can’t imagine reading two HUNDRED books a year! That is seriously awesome!

      I lent a signed book to my mom a while ago. She “thinks” she left it at work. Lesson learned.

      You’re the first person who can relate to my inability to read when depressed. Sucks, doesn’t it?

      Nice classic pics. Are you excited for the Anna Karenina movie coming later this year?

      • Alexis

        I’m a huge movie fan, so I’ll watch pretty much anything. I like books best, but movies are a close second.

        Can’t decide what my classic will be this year. It might be Les Mis, because the movie of that is coming out too.

  6. Brie @ Eat Books

    Note to self: never lend Laura books 😉

    My husband isn’t a reader either except for the odd non-fiction book/business book. But he owns enough books that they warrented their own shelf on my bookshelves! The only fiction novel he read was The Great Train Robbery by Michael Crichton and then we watched the movie – he finally understood how the book is so much better than the movie, but it wasn’t enough for him to make it a habit *sigh*.

    I’m scared to have children because of the impact it will make on how much I read!! Seriously. Lol.

    • lauratfrey

      Well, I’m in the worse of it right now, with a high-energy toddler and a baby who doesn’t sleep. It’ll get better. When it was just Benjamin, I was able to read… I read about 25 books last year, and 18 of them were from the 1,001 list. Compare that to this year; I’ve read 13, and 3 from the list.

      So I guess what I’m saying is, only have one kid 🙂

  7. christinasr

    Yeah, my reading has slowed way down since having my second child. At the moment, I read maybe 25-40 pages a day and I’m trying to work my way through the 1000+ pages of The Mists of Avalon…! Takes forever! However, I’ve been riding the train today so that gave me a bit more reading time 🙂

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