How to read the 2020 International Booker Prize longlist in Canada

Once again, I have rashly decided to follow the International Booker Prize. I learned some harsh lessons in 2018 about how difficult it is to get new and obscure UK books in Canada, and I’m back to share my wisdom (and spreadsheet) with you.

This year’s longlist looks a bit easier to manage than the 2018 edition. I found at least one way to access each book in Canada. I was able to start Faces on the Tip of my Tongue immediately on my Kindle, for the low price of $5.59, and I will use an Audible credit for one of the three audio titles available, perhaps starting with the The Memory Police, which appears to be the most straightforward plot (that’s saying something, given TMP’s surreal premise.)

If you’re in Canada, take a peek at my spreadsheet for a variety of options, including bookstore cover prices, plus ebook, audio, and international ordering. For books that aren’t published yet, I noted the publication dates, though hopefully some will change – one book isn’t published here until September!

A few other things to note:

  • I didn’t include library options here as it will vary by system, but always check the library first! In my library, two titles are on order and one is available but waitlisted. See if you can request titles that aren’t in your library’s catalog.
  • I took my cover prices from Amazon and Chapters, but you should of course avail yourself of your favourite local indie bookstore.
  • I included Blackwell’s as my international ordering option because I’m not a fan of Book Depository, but it’s probably safe to assume anything at Blackwell’s is available there too.
  • Direct-from-publisher prices were converted to CAD by me, your credit card company may have different ideas.
  • Feel free to make a copy of my sheet and use it to track your progress.
  • I am not responsible for any TBR explosions or book budget overruns that may result from irresponsible use of this spreadsheet.

Canadians, and Americans of North, Central, or South varieties: are you reading the IBP this year? How are you getting your books?



  1. Rebecca Foster

    Good luck! I admire your determination. Anything I couldn’t get free from the library or the publisher I would be likely to give up on. The Wellcome Book Prize isn’t running this year, so I’m probably not going to follow any prizes particularly closely this year, but as usual I’ll pick up anything from the Booker or Women’s Prize longlists that appeals.

  2. DidiDidi

    Girl spreadsheets and everything. You’re taking this seriously. Will maybe pick up a few but not going to try to read whole lists. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I’m definitely here for getting them on Kindle though, especially if you’re not that keen on keeping physical copies. Happy reading!

  3. DoingDewey

    Haha, I read The Memory Police with my book club and I would not describe it as straightforward. I’ve considered following this prize, but I am concerned that it might include a lot of books that are too literary and too strange for my tastes, and your note on TMP makes me think I might be right 🙂

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  5. Bellezza

    Finding the books in the US is (also) frustrating. Our library had only two! The rest are “on consideration” for purchase. Sigh…this is where I almost feel victim to read what everyone elae is reading, which isn’t, apparently translated literature. Thank goodness for Blackwells, the Book Depository, and a few kind-hearted publishers willing to send them across the pond.

    • lauratfrey

      Blackwell’s is a godsend! I don’t trust BD, their shipping is either right away or three months. Blackwell’s is a consistent 10 business days, bless them 🙂

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