Fall 2015 Preview Part II: Local Reads and CanLit

Last year, I didn’t do so well with my Fall Preview. The post was fine, but I didn’t end up reading a lot of the books. I aimed a little too high, I think, trying to compete with the 49th Shelves and Quill and Quires of the world. Rather than trying harder to stick to a TBR, I’m going to aim low and round up the books I have already started or will almost certainly read. You know, as Homer J says, if something is hard to do, don’t try.

Local Reads: Edmonton and Alberta


Honourable mentions: Rumi and the Red Handbag by Shawna Lemay (October) for the title, and Act Normal by Greg Hollingshead (August) for sounding very un-normal.



  • Undermajordomo Minor by Patrick deWitt (September): Already read and reviewed! *sigh of relief*
  • Martin John by Anakana Schofield (September): I was fifth in line at the library when I got my birthday book money, so now I’m waiting on a preorder. Malarky was one of my favourite reads of 2014, so expectations are sky-high.
  • Pillow by Andrew Battershill (October): A BEA score that came with a chocolate coin which apparently ties into the story somehow, but who cares, it’s chocolate! I’m getting a Spat the Dummy vibe from this one.

Honourable mentions: These Good Hands by Carol Bruneau and  The Hunter and the Wild Girl by Pauline Holdstock – I will look into these if the mood for historical fiction strikes.



  1. ryandejonghe

    Looks like some great books! Thanks for sharing again so I can link your awesome review of Undermajordomo Minor from my review. I think my readers will enjoy your perspective!

  2. Naomi

    My copy of Martin John arrived yesterday! I was surprised it came so fast. I’m a little worried about our expectations…
    I’ve also got my eyes on The Hunter and the Wild Girl, These Good Hands, and Sistering. Have you read any of Carol Bruneau’s other books?
    I didn’t know Wendi Stewart lived in NS. One thing I’ve noticed lately is that a lot of writers in NS seem to have come from other places (mostly Ontario and Alberta, it seems like). They’re definitely going against the migratory trend. 🙂

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  4. ebookclassics

    I still love how you promote local writers and small Canadian presses! I think I might try to read Sistering and Meadowlark too at some point.

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