Just one of them days (that a blogger goes through)

Trish at Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity is hosting A Day in the Life, a blogger event where you can see how bloggers really spend our days, and how we fit it all in. The idea started when Trish posted her own “day in the life,” first as a stay-at-home parent, and then as a working parent. I admire Trish because she has a nice mix of book stuff and personal stuff – something many bloggers struggle with. There are nearly 50 bloggers linked up already and it’s just after lunch here in the Mountain Timezone, so clearly this is an idea the blogosphere was ready for!

So get ready to dig deep and peel back the layers on what really goes on in the life of a book blogger.

My day in the life is Feb. 2, 2015. Yeah, I was doing this before it was cool. Not that much has changed – there’s still snow on the ground here in Edmonton, though it is melting.

20150202_052601 (2)

5:00 am: I went to sleep beside my husband. Either he got Benjamin Button’d overnight, or Henry snuck in.


5:10: Why would you read, when you could pay attention to me? Also, are you going to finish that?


5:45: I did not wake up like this. I had a shower and put on make up.


6:15: In the car. How I Fit Reading in, part one: audio books. This one was great. The guy’s affected French accent for Anne Bolyen was brilliant.


6:45: Arrive at Canada Place parkade. I’m among the first in which is good because I’m terrible at parking.


6:50: Walk to work. I walk past this mysterious office in Canada Place everyday and it freaks me out. There’s nothing on the walls. Two doors with empty rooms. WHAT GOES ON IN ROOM 140??


7:00: Arrive at work. I use the Pomodoro Technique which is a productivity method that has something to do with tomatos. Check out http://pomodorotechnique.com/. The timer I’m using is http://tomato-timer.com/. Basically you work without distraction for 25 mins followed by a five minute break and a twenty minute break after four work periods. It… kind of works.


8:30 am: Sun is up! I work in CN Tower (no, not that CN Tower) right beside the Arena District, which is more of a construction district right now. A fun game I play is “count the cranes.”


10:45: lunch and How I Fit Reading In, part two. Leftover Greek chicken and potatoes with a side of Champlain.


1:00: Printer’s not working. Call tech support. “PC Load Letter? The fuck does that mean?”


2:30: Living and working beside Wild Earth is a dangerous thing.


3:30: Outta here. CN Tower behind me, Edmonton’s first skyscraper. We have a couple more now.


3:45: So apparently it was teacher’s convention and they all parked in my parkade and were ALL leaving at the same time. Teachers are cold-blooded; no one would let me in. I seriously waited like 10 minutes to get out of my spot.


4:30: Home. I got my mom to pick up the kids today. Usually I would be on my way to daycare, then out of school care, and home at 5:00. Instead, I went to visit a new daycare we’re looking at for Henry that’s closer to home, as the commute is crazy. Oh yeah, I also scraped the car on my way out of the parkade. Now I’ll find out once and for all if my husband reads my blog.


4:30: Greeted by Sami. Coming home to a quiet house is a luxury!


5:00 My mom arrives with the kids.


5:15: Make supper. This is how I meal plan. I’m sure there’s an app for that, but this way Jason and I can both see it. Notepads from Chapters.


5:30: Waiting for supper. What do non-screen-time people do with their kids while they make supper? Ben and Henry don’t know, and don’t want to know. Yes, they have their own iPad, judge away!


5:30 Trying to make jarred spaghetti sauce fancy by cleaning out the fridge. Note the shiny new knife from that Safeway promotion. It’s pretty great.

6:20: Impromptu game of Monopoly

6:20: Impromptu game of Monopoly


6:50: Walk to yoga through the snow. At least it’s not uphill both ways.


7:00 Yoga at Lifestyle Meditation http://lifestylemeditation.com


8:40: Home from yoga and this one’s still up. Story time!

8:40-10:30: Scene missing. Henry insisted on staying up till 10:00 and I was too tired to fight with him, so I read more of Champlain’s Dream – How to Fit in Reading, part 3.

10:30: Went to bed.

Did you notice someone missing? My husband? Yeah. We do live in the same house, but many days it feels like we miss each other. He also hates having his picture taken.

Now off to check out the days in other people’s life. Thank you Trish for hosting!


  1. janceewright

    This is great. I forgot about this, so I didn’t do one, but when I write in my journal, I always try to write in 5 things I’m grateful for from that day. It really helps me find the unique pieces of each day that aren’t just “Oh, I woke up, showered, went to work, ate, went to bed”. It’s been really great to shift my perception and mindset.

    I hope Trish hosts this again, I’ll try to participate next time.

    • lauratfrey

      Oh I need to do that. I feel like most days are a blur. But even taking pictures helped. I might do this again tomorrow, a weekend day, to see how different it is.

  2. Kay

    I loved your pictures and little blurbs beneath. Such a nice way to tell about your day. Just enough. Sorry about the scratch on the car. And yoga. So lovely. I live in Texas though and so the snow thing is not a big problem for me. My folks though – they had to walk to school in the snow – uphill – both ways. LOL

    Have a good weekend this actual weekend!

  3. Sue at Book By Book

    Wow, I am amazed at how early my fellow book bloggers get up! And I had forgotten how much work it is when the kids were little! Mine are 17 and 20 and to answer your questions about Life Before Devices…my boys loved to play together so they’d often be dressed up in some sort of costumes running through the house fighting off villains. When they were too young to play by themselves, I set up one low cupboard with all our plastic-wear and a bowl full of dried beans and rice – they both loved to pretend to cook and pour the rice and beans from one container to another – and they were right in the kitchen where I could keep an eye on them. Life in the stone age! lol

    Thanks for sharing your day!


    Book By Book

  4. jilllora

    Sounds like the Canadian teachers are going to ruin that reputation you all have for being super polite. And your uphill both ways comment cracked me up. Swear to god, no matter which way I run, it is always uphill. The whole way there and back.

  5. Naomi

    This is a fun idea! I wonder why we’re so nosey and fascinated by other people’s lives? You’re cat reminds me of mine. All my pets, actually. Just when I think I might have a minute to myself, a cat or dog demands my attention. And, my cats are terrible for getting on the table, especially at breakfast time when there might be milk around.
    Your boys are cute, too! 🙂

    • lauratfrey

      I dunno but I spent a good hour last night reading all the other Day In The Lifes. It’s interesting to see the changes between single, married, parents, child free etc. Though one thing I noticed, those bloggers with partners, pretty much no pictures. Maybe all our spouses are camera shy??

      I actually have 2 cats, the other one was not around. Probably sleeping. It’s hard to fit in 20 hours of sleep a day 🙂

      • Naomi

        My husband wouldn’t like it, either. He has no desire to be on my blog in any way, but he probably wouldn’t notice if he was. 🙂 Does your husband ever read yours?

  6. Brie @ A Slice of Brie

    Oh I love these posts when bloggers do them! The last one I did, Sully was 6 months old. I keep meaning to do another one cause god knows life has changed in 7 months. Why does it surprise me that you have a cat?! Haha! And you look like a 13 year old child in that picture beside your scraped car!

    • lauratfrey

      Yes, do another one. Life sure changes once you can’t just plop the kid on the floor and trust they won’t go anywhere!

      Oh I determined once and for all that my husband doesn’t read this. Because I never told him about that scrape and he didn’t say anything about it lol.

  7. Literary Feline

    I loved how you formatted this, sharing your day in pictures. Sami is adorable. I realized after writing my post how little my husband appeared in my day too. Thank you for sharing your day with us!

    • lauratfrey

      I noticed the lack of husbands/spouses in all the posts I’ve read, and I’ve read most of them! I dunno what that says… in my case, we really don’t spend a ton of time together on weekdays. He goes to bed pretty early and I leave in the morning before he’s up.

  8. Megan

    Love your post! I usually eat my breakfast with a cat ready to impede my reading and slurp up the leftover milk, too. LOL! How’d you finish that impromptu Monopoly game so quick? If I’d started one, I’d *still* be playing, which may be why I’ve given up Monopoly altogether…. 😉

  9. joyweesemoll

    Pomodoros work really well for me. I use playlists on Spotify that are about 25 minutes of instrumental music as my timer.

    I love your captioned photos as a way to capture the day!

  10. whatsheread

    This looks very familiar, especially the part about scraping the car. I *may* have done that this week too. Of course, mine found it five minutes after getting home. Sheesh.

    Thank you for sharing!

  11. Trish

    Thanks for sharing Laura! And OMG you walk to yoga in the SNOW? Brave woman. Or full-blooded Canadian. 😉 Since moving down to the states 25 years ago my blood has thinned tremendously (though I can joke to my kids that I walked to school in the snow, uphill both ways). 😉 Your boys are adorable and I don’t have the answer for cooking dinner. Sometimes I can distract my kids with playing together…but that’s also why my house is a HUGE mess all of the time. And goodness you wake up early!! I really need to start getting up earlier.

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