#Yeggies 2015 Picks

The Yeggies are Edmonton’s social media awards. Since they began two years ago, I’ve been respectfully asking the board to add a literature section (I subtweeted them a few times.) I didn’t think it was fair; we’ve got such a great book blogging scene in Edmonton and we’re lost in the “Arts and Culture” catch-all.

Did they listen to me? No. Still no Literature category. But I got nominated this year, so, suddenly, I’m okay with it!

The big ceremony is May 9th. I have no idea what to wear, no one to bring (my husband is confused by everything I do online) and I hate making small talk, but other than that, it should be fun! *hyperventilates*

In the meantime:

  • Check out all the nominees here.
  • Check out all my posts about Edmonton books and authors and events, for which I was presumably nominated, on my Reading in Yeg page.
  • If you’re not in Edmonton, let me know: do you have a social media awards in your area? Or are we weirdos?
  • Open question, Edmonton or not: Who’s your favourite local blogger?

Reading in Bed’s 2015 Yeggies Picks:

Best in Political or Current Affairs: Daveberta. What little politics I follow, I like to do on Twitter. I have clicked through the odd Daveberta post though. This recent post on Edmonton MP Peter Goldring is a gooder: “It is unclear if the MP considers any other historical figures to be his arch-enemies.”

Best in Sports: Oilers Nation. I have’t watched a hockey game since the Vancouver riots (2011, not 1994) but I always read Wanye Gretz’s rants on the Oilers. Smart, funny, and good use of memes.

Best in Food: Edible Woman. She had me at the Atwood reference. Plus, she has a “perfect” chocolate chip cookie recipe and I’m a sucker for those. One day, I may find something better than the one on the back of the Crisco package.

Best in Film or Television: Dookie Squad. If you’ve ever thought, “there isn’t enough piss, shit, or vomit in my YouTube feed,” this’ll do the trick.

Best in Music: With the Band. Love the concept – the life of a photographer/manager/webmaster who’s “with” local band The Unfortunates.

Best in Arts and Culture: Abstaining, but I’ll give a shout out to sometime-book-blogger and founder of #yegbookclub Finster Finds!

Best in Family or Parenting: A tie, because these blogs are very different and it doesn’t seem right to pit them against each other. Frugal Edmonton Mama is the best for practical tips – recipes, activities, deals, shopping.  The Stay at Home Feminist is the best for long reads and feminist perspective on parenting (but not just parenting.) Both these bloggers clearly do the work – research, design, and understanding of their audience is evident. Their posts make me want to discuss and think and write something myself… that’s what blogging is all about!

Best in Fitness and Health: YEGFitness. Incredible bi-monthly digital magazine on all things fitness in Edmonton. YEGFitness is aimed at elite athletes (and those who aspire that way,) so I’m not exactly the target market, but as someone who works in the recreation field, I appreciate what they’re doing. Innovative business model too, if you care for that kinda thing.

Best in Humour: Ryan Byrne. Just spent twenty minutes reading old posts. Not in a stalkerish way… they’re just funny!

Best in Fashion & Style: I don’t really care for fashion blogs, but All Kinds of Lovely challenged my perception of what a “fashion” blog is –  check her out. I’m also weirdly fascinated by Adventures in Fashion and if I meet her, I’m going to ask why she doesn’t put her arms through her coats. Is that a fashion blog thing?

…Skipping all the “business” categories because I don’t care…

Best Twitter Persona: Michael Oshry. Walking that fine line between Elected Public Official and Funny Guy on Twitter. No bozo eruptions yet!

Best In Edmonton: I Heart Edmonton. Nice new website, and I like the diversity of what they cover. Plus, book reviews!



  1. Naomi

    Congratulations, Laura! You totally deserve the nomination. But, you’re right, there should be a literature section. They have so many other specific categories, why not literature?
    These awards are fun – I’m pretty sure we don’t have them here. But, you never know, I really am not a big on-line presence. I can barely keep up with my blog.
    So, is there voting? Or are there judges?
    Good luck! 🙂

    • lauratfrey

      It’s judged, which is nice. You won’t see a million “VOTE FOR ME” posts 🙂

      I wish you were on Twitter! It’s fun over there. But a time-suck too, so maybe best that you stay away.

      • Naomi

        I have been tempted by Twitter, thinking about all the fun I am missing. But, I really am staying away on purpose – the time-suck terrifies me. 🙂
        On one of the Canada Read days (I think the last one), I actually got to watch the first 15 minutes in real time (all the rest of it was watched after the fact, but that’s okay), and I saw a tweet from you about Lainey’s lipstick. Ha! Everyday I watched it, I wondered what colour she would have on that day. I had never thought so much about lipstick before. So, same wave-length. That was one time that I keenly felt some Twitter-envy.

  2. ebookclassics

    How exciting! I really hope you win because I’ve always admired how your support and promote Edmonton bloggers and writers. I’m embarrassed to admit have no idea what local bloggers are in my area.

    • lauratfrey

      Thanks! The whole “local” blogging thing is a little weird, when you think about it. Being online is about *not* having those geographical barriers. But it is nice to have people to talk to in real life. Sometimes 🙂

  3. Kristen

    Congrats! And thanks for the mention! It’s a new thing and it will grow. The Arts & Culture section is so diverse and it’s the largest one – maybe that will make them think it should be diversified. For the Main Event, message me when you are there and we can find each other IRL and sit together! I brought my husband last year, and he found it really funny to be the only one not on his device during the breaks!

  4. roxannemfelix

    congrats on the nomination 🙂 that’s a feather in your cap – or something to highlight why you would be a good print reviewer too! And who knew Edmonton had so many local bloggers … Edmonton is so funny that way, eh? this city such a weird eclectic mix of big trucks and local bloggers; most restaurants per capita and first city to have exile writer-in-residence .. oh, Edmonton – you like to keep us guessing!

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