Reading Roundup: October 2013

October was a little slow, reading and blogging-wise, but I got bookshelves! This is a big deal. I haven’t had bookshelves in my room for five years. My bedroom finally feels like home. No more #shelfies of shame for me! I’m not quite done arranging everything, but here’s a quick peek at some of my favourites:


And the obligatory duck-faced, overexposed #shelfie:


Book Events:

I met some very cool people this month:

  • Meredith Quartermain and Fran Kimmel at Audreys Books on Oct. 9th: This was a reading and a half, the “half” being a great discussion with both authors about writing and memory, with lots of audience participation. I picked up a copy of Fran’s book The Shore Girl, which has since been nominated for the next Canada Reads competition. Fran is also a complete sweetheart AND a Reading in Bed reader!
  • Omar Mouhallem and Jana O’Conner at Me Me Me! This opening event for LitFest was a lot of fun! There were readings, an appearance by outgoing Mayor Mandel, and a chance to have your very own one-sentence bio written by a professional writer. Omar and Jana both wrote bios for me, but Jana’s resonated best. I’m guessing it’s a mom thing, as she has a little girl around Ben’s age. Here it is:

Twitter bio

  • Lawrence Hill, Jessica Kluthe, and Jenna Butler at Writing in Blood Another LitFest event. This panel discussion about memoir was fascinating, and even got heated for a moment as an audience member challenged the panel on the definition of “creative non-fiction.” Who says book events are boring? I was so excited to meet Lawrence Hill. He was very generous and personalized all of our books (Kristilyn had a few!) and has the best smile – he could teach Tyra Banks a few things about “smizing.”
  • November preview: Next up is the launch for 40 Below on November 17th and this, which, do I really need to say anything? Okay, how about: it’s Margaret F’ing Atwood! I don’t know what the heck Alanis is doing there but whatever.



Blog News:

Books Read:
With one-word reviews to hold you over till I get around to reviewing them.

  • Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison: WTF (and no, I’m not reviewing this mess.)
  • Sweetness in the Belly by Camilla Gibb: Heartache
  • The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill:  Essential
  • Summer by Edith Wharton: Scandalous!
  • 40 Below edited by Jason Lee Norman: Cool
  • Caught by Lisa Moore: Contender

Books I Want to Read:TheLoveMonster
Obviously added MANY novellas, but I’ll talk about those in a separate post.

  • Malarky by Anakana Schoefield based on this interview with the author.
  • Why Here? by Michelle Ferguson: A review book I need to get to, and has interesting similarities with Giller-nominated Caught by Lisa Moore: both are about the drug trade in the Maritimes. As was Ferguson’s first novel, From Away, and D.R. MacDonald’s most recent novel, Anna From Away. Maritime drug novels. So hot right now.
  • The Love Monster by Missy Marston: Twitter recommendation from Kerry of Pickle Me This (fantastic blog) as I was lamenting the lack of good birth scenes in contemporary novels. The book sounds really weird, which is perfect.

On the Blog This Month:


Discussions, Read-Alongs, Etc.:

Save a Book, Read a Blog Post:
Some notable blog posts I read this month. Read, share, comment.

How was your October? Did you read a bunch of scary books? Did you change your Twitter name to a scary name? 



  1. Heather

    I love your new bio. It’s fantastic.

    You don’t need to write a review of the dragon-sex book, anyway…your readalong posts were enough. Hahaha!

  2. Kristilyn

    Love your bookshelves! I would one day love to have floor-to-ceiling shelves in my home, but seeing as my book buying will dwindle down after baby, I’ll just make do with what I have (even if I’m already commandeering baby’s bookcase!).

    Lawrence Hill really does have the best smile!

    I really hope to make it to the 40 Below launch on the 17th … looks like it should be a fun event!

    I remember owning a copy of Middlemarch a long time ago. I think I gave it away, but you’re right. That thing really is a brick!

    Have a good November!

    • lauratfrey

      Oh I would die for floor to ceiling shelves!

      Did you read Middlemarch? I’m looking forward to reading a big, revered classic that’s actually written by a woman, for once 🙂

  3. Rick @

    It’s nice to hear good things about Fran Kimmel. I’m about to start reading The Shore Girl any day now, and I’ve heard nothing but good things about her book and her. I guess she’s a total sweetheart.

    Your Twitter bio is actually pretty awesome! I thought the idea was a bit strange at first, but it turned out great.

    Have you noticed how you’ve become this person who reads 5-6 books a month? What happened to the girl who read 1-2?! Good for you 😀

    • lauratfrey

      Oh man I really want to start reading it too but I’m somehow reading four books right now. I have my limits. Definitely going to get it in this year though.

      It was strange but also awesome. Brie and I were confused for the most part but we both loved the bios Jana wrote for us.

      Now if only I could write 5-6 reviews a month. That’s becoming a problem!

  4. ebookclassics

    Great shelves, great pic and great professional bio! Sounds like a successful month to me and it looks like you’ve got a some big reads coming up. I look forward to your posts. Enjoy!

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