Readalong: Dragon Bound (Introduction)

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So for reasons that wouldn’t even make sense a couple of years ago (seeing as they involve Twitter,) Rick at Another Book Blog, who generally reads literary fiction, is hosting a readalong for a paranormal romance, Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison. You can read the whole story here. I joined in solidarity with Rick, but after getting a few Trogdor jokes out of my system, I find that I’m looking forward to this book without irony.

  • Dragon Bound has won multiple awards in the romance world. This is my first foray into paranormal romance and it seems like it should be a prime example of the genre.
  • I have read a couple of soul-crushingly sad books lately and need something a little more… adventuresome. Okay, okay, and dirty. This is Reading in BED after all.  (Spoiler alert: He’s a shape-shifting dragon, which makes it all a little less alarming.)
  • I’ve been craving a romance with a believable heroine. I’ve read ahead to the first chapter, and Pia swears, deals with problems herself, and *isn’t a virgin*. So, the opposite of Ana in Fifty Shades, which I subjected myself to this summer.
  • I also think Pia is a witch and I am getting definite The Craft vibes from her.
Fuck, I miss the 90s. via

Fuck, I miss the 90s. via

I’ll be reading and posting my reaction over the next couple weeks on Mondays. Seeing as I know next-to-nothing about the author, the book, or the genre, I don’t have much more to say at this point. Let’s get to the dragon sex already!

Oh – you should follow Another Book Blog on Twitter for live-tweeting goodness, and see his introductory post here, which is much more informative than mine.


  1. Laura V. Duta

    hilarious 😆 . you made me look up the book on Amazon, girl! really now 😀 . I don’t promise anything, though, since I am writing like crazy for this PhD (I am sleep deprived, too! dragon sex is exactly what’s missing from my life right now 😀 )

  2. Kristilyn

    It’s funny … the paranormal romance genre tends to be the one that brings the sexy with strong female characters and awesome guys, but then the erotica genre is always the one with the virgin female lead and the bad-boy male … I don’t get why erotica is so popular these days when there are actually GOOD sexy stories out there.

    • lauratfrey

      I am really interested in the line between romance and erotica… who decides? But yeah, I’m starting to see the distinction between the “typical” female lead between the two.

  3. Rick @

    HAHA, as soon as I saw the craft photo I thought, “Laura is SUCH a 90s kid.” And then you captioned it with “Fuck, I miss the 90s”. So awesome.

    Hopefully we can pick up some stragglers along the way on this weird dragon-sex quest.

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