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Readalong: Dragon Bound (Part Three)

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I’m five days late with this post, which means no one will read it or comment on it, yet I’m up past my bedtime COMPELLED to sum up this experience. Not that I have much to say about the book. I’ll do my usual point form babbling below. It’s just that this book has made me question myself. Like Dragos, I feel that I don’t know myself anymore. Unlike Dragos, I will attempt to deal with this through writing rather than through kidnapping, murder, and boring, repetitive sex (who has the time, amiright?)

At various times in my blogging career, I’ve embraced, rejected, and mocked the “book snob” label, but overall, I’ve moved away from it. I’ve read articles about literary privilege and why adults read YA and I’ve challenged myself to read outside the classics/litfic genres. I’ve joined a book blogging community that really does embrace all kinds. My Edmonton crew of book bloggers have been instrumental in my attitude adjustment . I’ve been coming to the conclusion that snobdom in any form doesn’t really serve any purpose and usually just makes the snob look like a douchebag.

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Readalong: Dragon Bound (Part One)

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The most important thing to know about Dragon Bound is there is no *actual* dragon sex. Maybe this seems obvious, but in this post-Taken by the Triceratops world, I make no assumptions (for more on THAT, read Bad Lit Makes the World Go Round’s live-blog summary, NSF work, life, etc.)

No, our hero is a shape shifter, and thus far, he wears his human form when he wants to get down. Of course, his human form is “bronzed” and “massive” and “corded with strength” and six foot eight, to be precise. But you know men, haha, I bet he’s only six foot six! Oh and by the way, romance novel writers, height and dick size are not as correlated as you’d have us believe (Source: A Legit Scientific Study, “Guys I Have Slept With, 1997-Present.”)

Size-issues aside, I don’t hate the book so far. I don’t love it, either, but I’m enjoying the read-along more or less. Dragon Bound is likely benefiting being compared – fairly or not – to the only romance/erotica novels I’ve read of late: Fifty Shades of Grey and The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty. Both those gems feature underage virgin heroines (yes yes Ana is ostensibly 21 but come on, mentally she is about 13) who fall in insta-love with alpha-male types and feature sex scenes that are monotonous and of dubious consent at best. Dragon Bound‘s Pia at least displays some awareness of her sexuality in a non-giggling-teenager way, without having to attribute it to an “inner goddess.” Continue reading