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CORRECTION: Top 6 Alternatives to Traditional Book Clubs

Continued from previous post...

writereads6. Write Reads Podcast
And bookish podcasts in general. It’s super embarrassing that I forgot to include Write Reads, not only because I know co-creator Tania in real life, but because I am appearing on the podcast in May!

The concept is pretty simple: Kurt and Tania choose a Canadian book each month according to a schedule and discuss. I love that their blog lists all the other books mentioned in each podcast, though it’s dangerous for an already overflowing TBR. And I love that they talk about books and authors I’ve never heard of. I mean, I consider myself fairly well read and current, but it’s like there’s this whole other world of CanLit out there that only they can give me access to.

Listeners can and do get involved in book selection, so there is an interactive element. And they write plenty of discussion posts in between podcasts, like this one about a disturbing trend of Canadian writers declining to set their books in Canada.

Here’s their latest podcast, about Nicole Lundrigan’s The Widow Tree. The March pick is Blood by Laurence Hill, which has been sitting on my shelf since October. I suggested that we read Emma Donoghue’s Frog Music in April and you can hear me babble about it sometime in May.

Wondering how I know Tania? Here’s a picture of us from about six years ago:

bellydanceIn addition to being awesomely bookish, Tania is also a belly dancer and instructor. I feel like you need a better look at our costumes:


We will probably be more casually dressed when we record the Frog Music podcast, but you never know.

Anything else I forgot? Do you listen to any literary podcasts? Should I post more of my belly dance pictures?