War and Peace Newbies Read-Along Volume II, Parts III and IV: Phoning it in

Et bienmes readers-along, si vous n’avez rien de mieux à faire, go to the master post for the read-along schedule and more.

It happens every read-along: around halfway through, the host starts phoning it in. I regret to inform you that the time has come. I’m about to fly across the country to see my family in Atlantic Canada and between wrapping up at work and packing and regular summer time craziness, it ain’t happening this week, or at least, not with my usual attention to detail.

Let’s see who else is phoning it in these days… shall we?

  • Nikolai is phoning it in as the head of the household. Begged by his mother to come home and take control of the finances, he proceeds to pull an Uncle Phil on their steward, and not much else.Jazz: Man, I'm starving. When do we eat here?Uncle Phil: We eat here later. You eat here never. Jazz: Looks like you eat here often.
  • Andrei is phoning it in as a fiance. Literally. Well, it would be literal if phones existed. What I’m getting at is, he gets engaged in secret (WHY) and promptly runs away (WHYYYY). His dad is making him (“making” him – dude is in his thirties) wait a year, but surely he could have stuck around??
  • Pierre is phoning it in as a Freemason. Sure he’s the new grandmaster or whatever, and makes important speeches, but he continues to be debauched as ever. And gets back with Helene. AND falls in love with Natasha, though he doesn’t know it get. The scene where Andrei confesses his love for Natasha to Pierre, and Pierre gets all agitated, is painful to watch and to read.

The best part of this section is that I can use all the pretty Natasha + Andrei gifs without being spoilery:

Image result for andrei and natasha gif

PLENTY more happens and I apologize for this pitiful post, and encourage you to go read up on how we really get to know Natasha, over on Kaggsy’s blog, and ask the important questions, like what did Nikolai and Sonya REALLY get up to in the barn, over at The Terror of Knowing.

I am out of the town for next week’s post but I’ll try to cook up something special for you guys. I’m still reading, and believe me, the next section brings the drama, you do not want to miss it.



    • lauratfrey

      The next section might be my favourite. When I encountered it in the adaptation I was like WHOA so Natasha IS a real 16 year old girl. I love that Tolstoy went there. I don’t want to say much more just yet 🙂

  1. Daniel Cordeiro

    OMG I loved Fresh Prince!!!
    I am way behind now, I’m traveling on vacation this month.
    Love it when no one gets Pierre’s ideas for masonry, since every men sees his own truth. A statement quite ahead of its time. The difference is today we don’t have much commitment with truth.
    Also, when Nikolai goes back to the army “in love with Sonia, or he thinks he is”… Tolstoy didn’t hesitate at all in interfering and restricting their relationship to the readers eyes. I found that odd.

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