Your input is required.

When I sit down to blog, (say, because my friends cancelled on me for girl’s night, but I’d be damned if I was giving up a get-out-of-doing-bedtime-free card, so I went to Starbucks alone,) how do I choose what to devote my limited time to? I don’t do many challenges or memes, and I don’t accept review books with deadlines (see: time, limited) so it’s all up to me.

Or you.


I’m going to share my in-progress posts (coming up with a title totally counts as progress)  and my to-review list, and you tell me what I should work on next.

I ask people to participate in surveys for a living, and this subject line and plea is the best I can come up with. All I’m saying is: Let me know what you’d like to see next on Reading in Bed. And remember, your opinion is important to us.




The best way to end any survey is to solicit open-ended comments; that is, if you enjoy poor grammar, off-topic rants, and people writing “nothing” instead of just literally writing nothing. Just kidding, I know you guys won’t do that. But do tell me what you’d like to see more or less of here. Thanks for your time.



  1. Elle

    FYI I would also totally love to see your thoughts on The Wake, The Luminaries and The Forsyte Saga–I tried to vote repeatedly but WordPress is wise to my cunning ways!

  2. Geoff W

    I’m a little tired of the “Book News” recaps. I mean it is nice to see people doing it, but invariably it’s the same stories regurgitated over-and-over.

    I say read and write about more obscure titles. If I see the same title in my reader when I get around to reading (say more than 2-3 of them) I don’t read any of them, I just mark as read and move on.

  3. Naomi

    Will Starling! I know I’m out-voted, but I want to at least know what you thought. I have some birthday book money to spend, and I’m trying to decide on one last book. Any suggestions?

  4. ebookclassics

    I also voted for Franzen. I don’t think I’ve seen any blogger reviews for Purity as of yet. I love all of your post ideas, but definitely want to see you review that weird world that is the bookis internet.

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