Reading, Out of Bed

Online and in real life, I can often be found Reading in Bed. This month, you can find me elsewhere, too.

I’m honoured-with-a-u to be the first guest blogger for Book Blogger International‘s Canadian blogger month. Check me out, trying to make sense of what it’s like to blog in Canada, and how to define CanLit, in 1,000 words or less!  And you may as well bookmark the whole site, because all the cool Canadian kids are there: Tania from Write Reads, Shannon from Curled Up With a Good Book etc., and CJ from ebookclassics, and more to come.

Speaking of WriteReads, I’m the guest host on my fav CanLit podcast. I chose Fifteen Dogs for new release month and man, is it a doozy! What does it mean to be human? How important is language? Where is the line between loyalty and love? At one point, Kirt got way philosophical and I had to quote Haddaway to break the tension (as ones does.) This book packs poetry, magical realism, Greek mythology, and those fifteen dogs into 160 pages. Pick it up, read it in a day, and listen to the podcast.

Oh, and look for me on The Heavy Blanks sometime soon. I had coffee with Jason this week, and he was filming. I show off my copy of Vivek Shraya’s The Magnificent Malls of Edmonton which might as well have been written just for me, what with the 90s nostalgia and WEM memories.

ETA: Here it is! Go to 13:30 to hear Jason say nice things about me and then gaze upon my visage…

And now, shove over. I’m going back to bed.

Empty bed, full TBR pile

Empty bed, full TBR pile



  1. writereads

    Thanks for joining us in discussing Fifteen Dogs and in sounding like creepy dolls. I very much enjoyed your post on Book Bloggers International, so much so that I stole from it 🙂 -Tania

  2. ebookclassics

    I like how Jason has a hair crises before he meets you. His hair looked pretty great to me! I really enjoyed the discussion you had with Tania and Kirt about Fifteen Dogs, but I’m still too scared of doggies getting hurt to read it. You really have been everywhere. What a great month!

    • lauratfrey

      The thing about Jason is, he is always having a hair crisis, and his hair always looks perfect. It’s a mystery. Fifteen Dogs needs a warning label because there’s a VERY sad part in the first 10 pages. If you want to try it I will bring it with me to Toronto!

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