B is for Bookstravaganza

Ordinarily things like #GivingTuesday annoy me. Like, we already have a perfectly good day with “giving” already in it, can’t we use that? But today it works in my favour. I’m doing Bookstravaganza this year and I hope to convince a few people to give to Edmonton Public Library’s Welcome Baby Program.

I wrote about the Welcome Baby program and what it means to me here.

I wrote about Bookstravaganza last year. It’s basically a readathon with a charity component.

Find out how to donate here. You can donate a set amount, or pledge an amount per book I read & review this month. My goal is ten books and that’s pretty optimistic, so this doesn’t have to cost you much.

Here are the books I’m going to read:

What, me worry?

What, me worry?

If nothing else, follow the Bookstravaganza blog for daily mini-reviews of interesting books. Some of these people are crazy, or possibly on drugs, because they’ve already finished multiple books and it’s day two! Cheer me on, guys!



  1. Naomi

    That’s one big pile of books! But, you can do it! I’ve had Prairie Ostrich on my radar for a while, and the only reason I haven’t read it yet is because my library doesn’t have it (this happens to me a lot). So, maybe you can read that one first. 🙂 They all look good, though. Have fun!

  2. ebookclassics

    You can do it! I agree that the look on your face is priceless. Can’t wait to hear what you think about Lightfinder. I really want to try and read it too.

  3. Kristilyn

    That’s a huge pile of books! I remember starting Murder on the Orient Express, but I had to put it down and never got back to picking it up … Good luck with your reading! And yeah, your expression is priceless!

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