A Tale of Two Cities: The Afterword

I had this great idea for my TOTC wrap up post. Okay, I stole it from The Afterword Reading Society. I wanted readers to give me a tweet-length review and compile them here. We had a real diverse set of reactions and I wanted to convey that, and it might help those of you who are on the fence about reading this book. Also, what could be better than tweets and books?

Then I wrote my wrap up post really fast and forgot to do it. So here are a few mini-reviews. Now I’m really done with this book. If you’re jonesing for another read-along, check out Moby-Dick on Roofbeam Reader or The Hobbit on Another Book Blog

Cait from 1227 Miles gives it 3 stars:

Bk 1:confused and frustrated. Bk 2:reminded of 12 hr coffees at Denny’s.. all talk no action Bk 3: awesome, made me want to read it again.

Tony didn’t follow directions and wrote a few paragraphs. I tried to grab a tweetable excerpt. He gives the book 5 stars.

As a man, I will freely admit to tearing up and almost losing it on a crowded airplane when Sydney starts to switch places with Charles.

CJ from ebooclassics gives it 3 stars and tweets:

Jayne’s Books gives a 5 star rating and comments:

Finished the book a few weeks ago and loved it just the same, if not more. Such a good book; Dickens is like my literary boyfriend.

I grabbed a few more ratings from Goodreads:

Juliana at Cedar Station gives it 5 stars

Lost Generation Reader give it 4 stars

And 9 other people I’m friends with have it on their TBR!

And me? 3 stars:

That’s an average rating of 4 stars and some consensus about the end being the best part.

Also? I’m certain about Oliver Twist being my next Dickens, after watching this nice young man gush about it. He’s doing a year of Dickens so I’ll stay tuned:






  1. ebookclassics

    Great wrap-up! This is better than The Afterword Reading Society because it shows both positive and negative comments, and the ambivalence readers felt about the book. Everything on TARS is glowing and gushing.

      • ebookclassics

        It’s been and gone, but it might still be online. I didn’t see it in print and someone told me it’s because they print something on Tuesday and then on Saturday. I haven’t checked to see if that’s true.

      • lauratfrey

        What book was it? I wanna see! I never saw mine in print either (not that they printed my question, grumble grumble) and I was disappointed.

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