A Tale of Two Cities Read-Along: Start Reading!

Having the worst of times figuring our what this is all about? See the master post!


Have you started reading? I’m on page 12, so there’s plenty of time to catch up. As we get down to business, let’s check in on a couple of things:

Editions abound for a classic like this, that’s been around so long and has been assigned reading for countless students. The ebook selection was overwhelming, so I decided to go old school with the clothbound Penguin Classics. It’s got a nice weight to it, and a built-in bookmark, and lots of introductions, appendices, and notes. It also bit my two-year-old’s thumb today, according to him. Please note that I did comfort him before grabbing the camera.

What edition are you reading?


Henry reviews TOTC: "My thumb. Ow. Don't like book."

Henry reviews TOTC: “My thumb. Ow. Don’t like book.”

Read-Alongers (Readers-Along?)
The master post is updated with the list of participants, but I wanted to give some shout-outs today, because there are some awesome bloggers joining us!

  1. Tony: My brother-in-law. Please address any complaints about book choice to him.
  2. Cait at 1227 Miles: My sister. Oh and by the way – Cait and Tony are officially engaged as of this weekend! Congrats!
  3. ebookclassics: I love how CJ digs up the most interesting and random tidbits about books. I also love her celebrities in classics series – let’s say we have similar tastes (90s forever.)
  4. Cedar Station: We recently bonded over our love of The House of Mirth. OMG – Wharton read-along next?
  5. Consumed by Ink: A serious reader of CanLit and big supporter of book blogs – she writes the best comments!
  6. Romanoir: A new-to-me blogger who has a seriously intimidating Classics Club list, heavy on pre-1600 lit.
  7. Amanda’s Weekly Zen: New-to-me blog, but based on the recent post of Wuthering Heights quotes which contained many of my favs, I think we’ll get along juuuust fine.
  8. Doing Dewey: Best blog title and concept I’ve seen in a while. Reading her way through the Dewey decimal system!
  9. Jayne’s Books: Super prolific reader and Moby-Dick read-along alumni.
  10. Reading in Winter: Partly responsible for this blog being what it is today. Yay Kristilyn!
  11. Lost Generation Reader: A celebrity in the classic-lit-bloggers world. Really excited to have her AND her Dickens action figure joining us!

Tales Heard Round the Internet
This is a regular feature with news and notes about A Tale of Two Cities or Mr. Dickens. Today, I found out that the ubiquity of “A Tale of Two Cities” as a catchy title makes it real hard to do a proper Google search. I did manage to find out that The Invisible Woman was released on DVD in Canada last week. This looks like something I need to watch immediately. Psst, CJ, have you done Ralph Fiennes in your Celebrities in Classics yet?

Happy reading, and see you next Monday for our first check-in!



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  2. ebookclassics

    So excited to read this book with everyone. I haven’t started reading yet, but that should change hopefully today! Still ploughing through that book for Afterword Reading Society. I love Ralph Fiennes and want to see The Invisible Woman, but I promised Cecilia from Only You blog I would let her write a guest post on Ralph for Celebrities in Classics when she had time.

  3. Naomi

    Thanks for the kind words, Laura! I’m excited about my second read-along. I feel a bit out of it right now- our computer has broken down. Right now I am checking in on my daughter’s iPod, which is very slow and frustrating, but I miss reading everyone’s stuff! I started the book a few days ago. Almost done Part one.

    I don’t watch a lot of movies anymore, but I’m excited about Invisible Woman!

    • lauratfrey

      I found it pretty slow going until the end of Part I. It’s getting better now!

      I just checked and Invisible Woman isn’t on my video on demand… that sucks… $26 for the Blu Ray. And through clicking around on trailers, I discovered this movie, based on classic novel Therese Raquin, which I think I need to see (and read) LIKE RIGHT NOW http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0409379/

      • Naomi

        That one does look good! What is it about classics made into movies?

        I’m liking the book so far, but it’s good to know that it picks up a bit. I was thinking that most people could cover the same material in half the amount of words. I do like his writing, though.

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