Oryx and Crake Read-Along: Post One (Introduction)

It’s time to get cracking on Oryx and Crake! Go to Readinginwinter.com for all the particulars, and apologies for formatting etc as I am writing this from my phone while on vacation.


My Copy
I’m reading on my Kobo, though it’s occurred to me that I should pick up a paper copy. Ereaders are great, but they are terribly for flipping through to find quotes. Unlike Moby-Dick, i probably can’t find the whole text of this one fee online, so I’ll have to pay up.

I saw the mass market paperback on the “Summer Reads” table at Chapters, which is odd, as I don’t really think of Atwood as beach read material.

What I Know About the Book
Not much at all. I noticed that “oryx” is in my phone’s dictionary, so maybe it’s a real word. I’m trying to stay away from google and go in blind.

I know it’s a trilogy, followed by The Year of the Flood and Maddadam. I don’t read many series so I’m intrigued and wary of the commitment!

My Experience Reading Atwood
To paraphrase a great 90s movie, Atwood is a totally important Canadian writer. I’ve read The Handmaid’s Tale (loved, but don’t remember well) and Surfacing, an early novel that I found a little too weird, and I like weird. Not having read more Atwood is one of my (not so) secret shames when it comes to CanLit.

What I Hope To Get Out of the Read-Along

I hope to absolve my CanLit guilt, improve my ratios of Canadian and female authors read this year, and find out what the heck an oryx is. Oh, and have fun!



  1. Kristilyn

    That’s funny that you found a paperback on the Summer Reads table … I don’t think I’d associate Margaret Atwood with beach reading, either!

    Thank you for joining! Make sure you add your link on my page! 🙂

  2. Andrew

    I actually read it for the first time on a beach. It’s a surprisingly easy read, given the subject-matter. I get through it in about two or three days easy.

  3. Rick @ AnotherBookBlog.com

    I’m going to have to bite the bullet some time this year and finally read Atwood. She’s rubbed me the way in a few interviews with her, but 12 billion people can’t be wrong in their praise of her.

    Looking forward to reading your thoughts on this. Early reports seem to suggest you’re loving it 🙂

    • lauratfrey

      I don’t think so! Make sure to go over to readinginwinter.com to sign up.

      I just check out your blog. I bet you’re going to have something to say about the GMO side of things in this book! 🙂

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