Library Fail

I am so smrt

I used to wear this on a t-shirt in my “gifted” classes. AND NOW IT’S ALL TRUE.

The Age of Innocence is #726 in the 2007 Edition of 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die.

So, I finished my “had to read” book, and went to the library to get back on track with The List.

I went to my neighbourhood branch, so the selection isn’t that great, but I perused the shelves looking for classics. You can usually spot them by their rather boring covers!

First I selected “Child of God” by Cormac McCarthy. Never heard of the book, but he is the author of “All the Pretty Horses”; a book I have heard of, and was made into a movie. So, I gave it about a 75% chance this other book would be on The List.

Then I spotted one of my favourite books, The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton. Pure soapy drama, but devastatingly sad and funny and rich. I thought I’d grab another of her books, The House of Mirth, as I was 100% is was on The List, AND I really want to read more by her.

I get home, and lo and behold – poor Mr. McCarthy is not on The List at all! The book sounds intriguing, and it’s fairly short, so I may give it a shot anyway, after The House of Mirth… but… on closer inspection…  I grabbed The Age of Innocence by mistake in my excitement.

And so, I am reading Aesop’s Fables for free on my Kobo. That will be a whole other post, but man, do I feel stupid. Does “baby brain” have an expiry date? This doesn’t bode well for me actually breaking 100 out of the 1001 books this year!


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